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State Chambers has developed an extensive monthly CPD Program. Barristers from the floor present on various topics on the last Friday of each month. 

For further information about the CPD program, please contact the convener of the CPD Program Tom Dixon on 02 9223 1522.

Upcoming CPD

Australia's Response to State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Presented by

Uche Okereke-Fisher


Time: Friday, 21 September 2018 at 4pm for a 4.15pm start.

Place: State Chambers foyer.

Pizza and drinks will be provided.


Dear Colleagues,

Covert attempts to influence political thinking and public opinion have long been an element of the art of intelligence. However, the use of cyber-attacks to potentially change the course of the democratic process is a recent development in statecraft.

The next CPD comes at a time when USA and the UK both recently had their democratic systems undermined by the use of cyber interference.

Uche Okereke-Fisher has kindly agreed to present the next CPD on this topic of state-sponsored cyber-attacks and Australia’s capacity to respond to them.  In particular, Uche will address:

a) The circumstances in which a cyber-attack is considered to be:

      i)       a state-sponsored attack; and/or

      ii)      an act of (cyber) war,

b) The laws, rules, principles, policies, norms and strategies that regulate Australia's response to a state sponsored cyber-attacks.